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Welcome to Fable of Chaos! A place where you can take your ingeniousness that blooms in your mind and express it into the virtual world. Our community looks forward to strengthening our unity, veracity, and most importantly, transparent communication to every single player here! When joining our server, we have the star of our community in which is our Earth world- it holds all roleplaying and gives everyone an opportunity to engender and grow their own civilization. This includes government types, religions, politics, languages, and culture aspects! No doubt we'd have plotworlds to let your ingenuity roam and many other players with your building aptitudes, sanctioning yourself to upgrade more and more.
We also showcase a unique style of rules and staff system. Our staff team are our excellent role models for the community here, and respect is all we require for the server going salubrious. We do not abide disrespect or corruption, final. If you comply with the rules and reverence, then you'll surely have an enjoyable time and make many friends. Make your creations virtual and authentic ingame! Roleplay and create your own town! Cooperate and communicate to avail us grow! Thus, come over to Fable of Chaos and see for yourself.



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