Renzoku Survival
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Hey there! We are a new semi-vanilla server! We have several plugins such as mcMMO, grief-prevention/land claim, custom enchants, player vaults(premium), multiworld, /tpa, /rtp, /back, rank system, voting rewards, donor shop/ranks, keep inventory, economy, jobs, and in-game server shops!! All ages welcome, but please be respectful! We've also left in vanilla features such as fire-spreading and creeper/tnt explosions(disabled in protected areas). Only YOU can prevent forest fires!! Difficulty is set to hard and the world is amplified to make it more challenging. There are no world borders! Parkour courses and mini-games will be added over time. No modded clients, x-ray, etc(Optifine/shaders are ok). If this sounds like fun, then join us now! We look forward to meeting you!