IncursionMC - Prison
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About IncursionMC - Prison

IncursionMC is an upcoming server that strives to build a solid community and to become a unique prison experience. Although we've passed our beta stage, we welcome any feedback, and encourage players to make suggestions on what they would like to see for Incursion in future in order to help the server expand and thrive.

Our server currently features many custom builds, such as Spawn, Shop, PVP, and Plots, as well as a couple mines; as time goes on, we plan on making additions, until everything is fully custom built. We are currently accepting staff applications, and are looking to build a team that is diligent and dedicated, to ensure that the chat is regulated, the players are taken care of, and the server is always running smoothly. We hope you'll join us today on IncursionMC!



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