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------ Welcome To Addict Survival! [1.12.2] ------

PVE-PVP // Lets make Survival and Mob Hunting fun again!

Want to have a more aggressive play style and try out a new PVP & PVP experience? DoubleJump lets you move faster with no fall damage.

In the Survival World, there are "InsaneMobs". Any Aggressive Mob drops BagsOfGold, bring that gold to the GoldShop and get your cash.

Protect your base with GriefPrevention. Every hour you play, you get more land to claim. Add friends to your claim or survive on your own.

Join a Job and earn some extra cash just for doing normal things like mining and killing mobs. Go buy some gear from the Shops with your hard earned cash!

SkyBlock and Prison were highly requested, so we are including them as an extra feature on the server.

Let us know of any plugins you reccomend to make mob hunting and PVE more fun and challenging!


GriefPrevention -- Claim land to protect your base & creations, every hour you play earns you more space to be claimed.

MobHunting -- Climb to the top of the leaderboard! Killing mobs drop "BagsOfGold" which can be traded in for money at the Gold Shop.

InsaneMobs -- Normal mobs are too easy and get pretty boring after a while. We've added InsaneMobs2 for an extra challenge!

Jobs -- Earn money and rank up by doing every day things like building, mining, hunting, and much more.

NPC Shops -- We're adding shops to help buy blocks, armor, weapons, repair tools, and more! Just walk up to a Shop Keeper and right click for an easy-to-use GUI.

______**VIP Features**______

Backpacks -- Keep your extra items in a backpack! You get 4 extra inventory rows and keep your backpack inventory on death.

Pets -- Make any Mob in the game your personal pet! You can also ride them, wear them as a hat, and customize their name or appearance.

Voting -- Receive VoteVIP Crate Keys

DailyRewards -- Receive DailyVIP Crate Keys

MobHunting -- Double MobHunting gold drops

Commands -- /feed & /back

GriefPrevention -- Extra claim area

IP - mc.addictcraft.org

Discord - discord.addictcraft.org

For questions, issues, or suggestions you can contact us by email - [email protected]



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