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Arkrein is a server dedicated to difficulty amongst anarchy.

Making use of Runecraft, Extra Hard Mode, and many other plugins to provide the best and most difficult experience for our players, we hope you will enjoy the extra challenge we bring to Minecraft.

There's a beginners help video available if you're curious about some of our features.

We'd love to talk with you in our discord if you have any further questions.

So, we have a huge focus on difficulty. First and foremost, this means the Exta Hard Mode mod. The changes this brings to the game are hard to all put down, and certainly too lengthy to talk about here, but suffice to say - it increases the depth and difficulty of the server experience tenfold. With features like the lack of the ability to mine stone with a stone pickaxe, no ability to place water sources, and the damage and health of mobs boosted, players are forced to alter their playstyles accordingly - and die, a lot.

Next is the Runecraft mod, which adds runes that can be used to a sacrifice of energy in order to gain various benefits and effects. Magic might not be real, but with runes, we can get close. Seeing as there are very few commands available, Runecraft fills a niche in that it provides a stable form of transportation.

Then there's Towny - we might not be unique in this aspect, but it provides a great framework for nations and kingdoms, the development of which is encouraged. But don't worry - we took care to nerf most of the protections, just in case you thought you might be safe.

Next is our unique economy system. In keeping with the survival focus of the server, currency is an actual present item: gold. One gold nugget is the rough equivalent of one dollar, one bar being nine, and one block being 81. We think this keeps the server better focused around the base survival game, rather than farming.