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【Barty Realms】【Factions】【McMMO】【PVP】【Survival】【Raiding】【Shops】
This is a brand new server with a brand new map. Are you looking for a server to have fun with your friends and also battle other groups This is the place for you! There is no mercy on Barty Realms, you must fight to survive. The server uses factions and LWC for protection purposes but if you have enough strength you can try and raid other players to get their stuff!

Other features include a plot world to create your own safe house or shop, a PVP arena, a server store, and much more. The server is open to any suggestions that players have to improve their experience.

If you did not see it above, the server IP is bartyrealms.com.

The servers discord server is: discord.bartyrealms.com or discord.gg/zuNdevr

What are you waiting for Join Barty Realms and have some fun!

MC Server Address: mc.bartyrealms.com
Discord: discord.bartyrealms.com
Website: www.bartyrealms.com/



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