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BattlePVP offers a unique factions experience unlike any other. From plugin to players, this server revolutionizes the way you will play factions. We offer custom coded plugins, comprehensive maps, incredible AntiCheats and an incredible staff team and community. You will not find another server quite like this one!

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Server Rules:

1. Hacking: Using a non-approved, modified minecraft client, or outside resource, which allows the player to have unfair advantages in game due to the manipulation of the server, player properties, the entity of the player, and/or gives a player the ability to manipulate things in game that they could not before.
-No hacked or modified clients. This means X-Ray texture packs, Nodus, Player radar, Etc. Anything that gives you an unfair advantage is not tolerated. If you are unsure about what this implies or if you have a client that might be considered hacking, ask a staff member in game.

2. Glitching: Using and/or taking advantage of an existing glitch and then using said exploit to further ones advances through malicious processes.
-No glitching, This includes duping, ender pearl glitching, taking advantage of faulty coding, or bugs within the game (This includes MCMMO exploits, or any other plugin exploit). You may not use enderpearls to go through blocks. We have disabled this for the most part, but if you are caught, it may result in a permanent ban. This also means you may not ender pearl through non-whole blocks, such as glass panes. If you end up finding a glitch, please report it to the staff so we can find a way to patch it and keep the game fair.

3. Abuse: The act of harassing, agitating, provoking, or offending players in game and thereby making the server a les pleasurable experience.
-This includes but is not limited to: racism, excessive cursing, harassing, advertising, and use of harsh language towards another player that has been unwarranted.

Mutes: the following offenses warrant a 1hour mute: disrespecting staff, abuse of any kind, and asking for rank/items from a staff member

Temporary ban: the following offenses warrant a temporary ban of up to 7 days: glitching, staff disrespect, and extreme abusive language.

Permanent ban: the following offenses warrant a permanent ban: force field, aim bot, x-raying, hacking in general, advertising, multiple cases of abusive language along with multiple warnings/mutes.



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