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This server is a kitpvp server, I'm the owner uPoopedUrSword, I also am a guard, basically, the guard goes out something if the guard thinks there's too much going on. Don't worry though, the guard won't go out all the time. The guard has some weapons and if she/he sees you with a weapon they'll ask for it, they will count down, if you don't hand it over you will go to jail. They can also kill others if they sword fights with others. No, we're not abusing, have fun and enjoy your time! We will be adding more game modes. We do need staff and players, so come join for a chance! You must be on for at least an hour before you apply so you're known and so you get used to the community and the server itself. There is a tournament in which every player can participate in if they want to. In the front of the server, there are signs which explain more about the guard. Come join and enjoy your time!



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