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The First Server: SkyBlock

The first server we will be working on will be a SkyBlock server. As our community's goal is to revive old game modes, we will be starting with SkyBlock. While many SkyBlock servers do exist, we will be making this one as close to vanilla as possible, while keeping the elements players like (e.g. ore generators and access to buy spawners), while keeping the game mode legitimate and not over-powered. We will have elements such as shops, basic commands, and modern chat plugins, but keep the challenge alive by eliminating the long hated pay-to-win agenda that most Minecraft servers pertain.

Fortifying The Foundation

As our developers work hard to create a professional looking server, we need to build up our player base! We urge members to invite their friends to both the website and the discord server. The more people we can get excited about this community, the faster it can grow and expand, to deliver you the game modes that have been lost in time. We are also going to reward whoever brings the most players into the discord server with a VIP/Donator rank on all servers. We hope we can attract players to support this wonderful redemption of an old block-based game. With the help of you, the players, we can achieve great things, but we need your support!