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Hello everyone!

I would like to give a brief introduction to my server and how you can get involved! So on Candor MC we allow you to fully customize the character you choose to play with, this is also called making an OC. You can create their backstory, their personal belongings and even their abilities. The setting of the server is sometime in the future, where the human DNA has been altered somewhere along the line and people started to develop powers, these people were known as Mutants. The regular people were outraged and scared which caused them to hunt down the Mutants. Now the mutants live in the dark, hiding from the humans of the above world. You can choose to either be a Human or a Mutant. If you choose to be a Human you cannot have any extraordinary powers but you can join a force of Humans who are set on killing Mutants and will be properly equipped to do so. If you choose to be a Mutant you can choose your own power set (which is limited to only a few powers).

If you want to apply for a character, make your way to the forums to apply.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Candor MC, have a nice day :).