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Welcome to the ClubSurvival server page! ClubSurvival is a survival-based server that has a survival world that has much to do on it with more types of gameplay to come! This server is advancing rapidly with active and attentive staff regularly on!

  In the survival world you can always discover new things to do!

  There are events that happen often in our server discord. Events are monitored by a bot and give items of random choice to active players.

  ClubSurvival has a custom shop where you can sell and buy many things for good prices! The server's economy is monitored and staff work hard to keep it balanced and fair. The survival world also offers many options to make money ranging from: farmers, miners, and even explorers!

  Your survival and ability to keep your builds relies heavily on claim blocks which increase per hour of gameplay or through purchasing claimblocks with in-game money.

  Also, staff works diligently to assure that there are no hackers/cheaters/dupers to ensure safe play for all!

  In addition, there are many advancements planned for the future! The server will have adventure maps that will be changed often so players don't get too bored of repeated maps and a creative map where you can build whatever your heart desires.

  Staff are accepting many suggestions and will consider whatever is most wanted by players on our server.

  Be sure to join us and have fun with all the members of Club Survival!