Confined Prison Facility
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Confined Prison Facility was opened on July 2012 and has ran on three different maps under several years. Now after years of work, its final iteration has been perfected. Welcome to Confined Prison. In Confined Prison, your objective is to work your way through the prison ranks to obtain freedom. You can make money through a variety of activites, whether it's tough manual labour, selling contraband to fellow prisoners, or taking other prisoner's items by force. As you gain access to each prison block, you'll find rarer shiny resources, exciting new mines, and more ways to make money. The huge facility is packed with all kinds of mines, secret areas, and hidden treasures; prison guards patrol the different blocks, and criminals lurk behind every corner. After working through the prison's ruthless system, you'll finally be free to explore the world! Sell anything you colllect to bolster your cash, make your own base of operations, or return to the prison to show the inmates your new gear.

Finally a new addition to the prison makes it's appearence: Prestige is here, and allows you to explore an entirely new prison complex, collect rare citrine gems, and obtain new prestigious ranks, but watch out for its undead inhabitants!