Cube Dreams Network - 1.8-1.12

About Cube Dreams Network - 1.8-1.12

Cube Dreams is a brand new OP Prison server, launched on 4/8/2018. New game modes will be added to the Cube Dreams network throughout the year.

The OP Prison server features unique architecture, powerful gear and weapons, and kits that allow any player to get into combat every 10 minutes. There's no need to wait an entire day to get back into the action like on some other servers.

Current Features:
- fully automatic selling for mines and mob drops
- automatic smelting
- Factions
- mcMMO
- prestige system - earn paid ranks for free!
- custom enchantments
- loot crates
- backpacks
- cosmetics menu
- voucher system - claim OP rewards by voting or killing monsters
- custom, lag-free mine reset plugin
- selling multiplier system - sell your items for more money as you progress through the ranks
- Monster Dungeon - fight powerful monsters to earn sellable items and rare gear
- combine OP enchantments with an anvil
- 1.8 PvP mechanics - connect with any client version 1.8 - 1.12
- lottery
- player shops
- auction house
- no "ghost blocks" - you won't get stuck inside an invisible block while mining with a high efficiency tool

Upcoming Features:
- Hall of Fame - The highest ranking factions and individuals on the server will be - displayed prominently on a leaderboard at the spawn.
- Weekly Tournament System - Compete with your faction, or solo, in a challenge against other factions. The winning faction will receive great prizes divided evenly among its members.




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