Devious Mines
  • Minecraft 1.12.2
  • tweed420
  • flag United States of America
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About Devious Mines

Welcome! We are new to the Mine craft servers scene, however we have already grown fast! Our goal is to make a very community driven server and we currently host a community discord server.
The World border is set to 20k, sell up under the spawn fountain!

What we have to offer:
*An Old School vibe with no hubs
*Guns and automatic turrets!
*Jobs, join three!
*Drug Game mode, offering an old school drug-crafting experience!
*In game cash purchasable ranks with permissions!
Get started at /warp tutorial!

We are happy to receive all feedback!
Our server runs 24/7, suitable for players from all time zones!
We hope you enjoy your stay. Thanks for playing



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