Dexterity Factions
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Dexterity Factions


Hi, I am currently part of a server called Dexterity Factions. This server is currently in season 4, and on its way to season 5, carrying over 50 plugins. Dexterity Factions is currently Factions only, and has plans in the future to expand in to a network later and add more game modes. Dexterity Factions is a very unique server and has many features. And the server is looking for new players and staff.

Features -

Custom Enchants





Custom shop


Trench picks

Custom economy (being more balanced soon)

10x10k Overworld border

5x5k Nether Border

5x5k End border

And much more!

This server is still a work in progress, and there is still much to come for it and a lot more to be added, more features and plugins to entertain the players.The server is currently looking for Helpers, Mods and Developers, and dedicated players. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Apply for staff: