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Hello fellow friends, I am excited to announce the new network that will
be released sometime 2019, however before we can even think about
releasing the server to the public we need to have a functional server
setup which is why I'm proud to announce that I'm recruiting all the
help I can muster, if you would be interested in helping me out with
this project please review the below section of this introduction and
send me your applications. Thank you for your time.

Skillsets Needed: Builders, Redstone Maniacs, Plugin Developers, Skilled Plugin Managers, Command Masters, Advertisers, Active Members.

Goal Rewards:
For those individuals that helped us at every stage of our development
wither it be setting up spawn, configuration, Enforcement of peace or
advertising at the release of the server you will be offered $50 per
individual for your hard work and dedication towards setting up the
server. Please take note that payout will only be valid if you stick
with us from the beginning and deliver results. Bonus:
With the $50 we will also be giving each member a very rare and
customized rank that suits their desires, this is limited to 1
individual who has shown their hard work and dedication, the rank can
have custom colors and 3 added permission nodes within reason cannot be
an op or staff command although anything that can be purchased in our
store you can claim for free wither it be kits or abilities.

: Server Info :
IP: dynastyguilds.com

Application Format
(Copy And Paste Format)


Minecraft GT

Do you have a nickname?


Skills? (List All the skills that set you apart from others)

Languages that you can speak fluently are?

Why should we take you as a part of our team?

What is your favorite color?

Can you be on the server 5 hours a day? please explain.

Are you going to be able to stay with us during our development? if not please explain.

Other Information we should know before accepting you?
Contact Information Required at least 3 forms of contact will be required to schedule meetings and planning info.

Main Email:
(Optional) Phone Number:

you for your interest in helping out the development stages of the
server please give us 24 hours to review your application and we will
get back to you as soon as possible
Send Your Applications to
Email: [email protected]



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