Owner Koriyo
Status online
Website http://www.explorationcraft.co.uk
Players 0/16
Rank 273
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Uptime 100%
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Country United Kingdom

Who We Are

ExplorationCraft is founded by two friends in hopes of recapturing the essence of Minecraft we felt many years ago. In doing so we use as minimal amount of plug-ins as possilble. There is no land claiming but griefing is not allowed. PvP and theft from chests is allowed.

About The Server

The server is graylisted to keep some sense of order and clutter out. Players who first log in are Denizens. Denizens will become Citizens after a few hours of play, or if they return the next day. The only major difference between Denizen and Citizen is Citizens can /sethome and /home. We currently run 1.12.2, and when 1.13 arrives we will update to it as soon as possible.


Currently we use the following:


World Guard

Log Block



No hacking/cheating.

No griefing.

Stealing is allowed.

No Spamming.

Respect Everyone.

Social Media

Our subreddit can be found here.

And our Discord here.


And our IP is: