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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: felicraft.pw

Felicraft is a minecraft network that is actually owned by felibouilleYTB. We propose to you: Bedwars, SkyGiants, Freebuildsurvival+Plots and SheepWarsOur self coded minigame. In SheepWars, the goal is to kill the enemies with sheeps who are flying. Every 30 seconds, you get a sheep with special powers:
- Boarding sheep: this sheep allows you to land on the ennemys side.
- Dark Sheep : Enemies close to this sheep will be blind until the sheep disappears.
- Distorsion Sheep : It creates distortions by throwing blocks and attract players.
- Earth Quake Sheep : It creates an earthquake during 10 seconds.
- Explosive Sheep : It creates an explosion where the sheep is landing.
- Fragmentation Sheep : When the sheep explosed, baby sheeps will be sent around and each baby will explose.
- Frozen Sheep : Around the frozen sheep, enemy will have a slowness effect. Moreover, it place snow in a radius of 8 blocks and makes water become ice.
- Healer Sheep : It heals fighters of its team.

Dont worry: there are more sheeps :.



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