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General Information: Well, to start we are a Dedication Faction PvP Server (Soon To be a Bungee Network) We just opened for advertising and publicity. I have a lot to offer if you can help gather players to join. To me, It is completely worth the time and effort to put into the server. I have done nothing but work on this server since the opening. Put the last of my money, put all my time on this server. Finding players is extremely hard and out of my budget. I can really use your help, I'm really looking hard for a good community to have on here. I know I have the potential, all of my friends have said it.

Server Info: We have an extremely well setup Custom Spawn/Nether Spawn. Important plugins are paid for, We have WarCrates for loot drops outside of spawn in the pvp area, Custom SpawnPvP (Inside Spawn) Custom Messages, all config's changed to my desire, No bugs, an extremely fun gameplay (After Players Have Joined), Amazing PAID NoCheat that completely blocks hackers from not just pvp but, just about anything! If you can come check it out and bring some friends to play that would be great. I will be hosting a 20 player DP, with 2 ranks and some decent loot. Thank you if you have read this. I hope to see you there.

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