GrizzlyMC 1.8 - 1.12
  • Minecraft Unknown
  • Octogriz
  • flag United States of America

About GrizzlyMC 1.8 - 1.12

Grizzlymc is a multi game server with a friendly community and hard working owner, we are looking for players to bring our sevrer to life after its completion, alot more updates and features are soon to come, our server has minigames, factions, rpg-survival, and skyblock join now

our features:
RPG survival is a gamemode with custom content, it includes adventurous items that seem similar to modded minecraft, custom enchants, crates and events.
Rpg survival is good for playing with friends and exploring and making new items.

Factions is being worked on to make alot more interesting, factions includes auctioning with /ca, player skills make your player strong and powerful and destory your enemies in the warzone by upgrading your skills in /skills, shift and right click to trade items, marry your partner and reign over the server together,

if factions isnt much your thing and you like more peaceful gameplay and progression try skyblock, it has alot more content coming to it soon. make your island the top and at the end of the month receieve great prizes, or progress with friends and rise to the leaderboards.

we also have minigames that we are working on! fight to the death in skywars, get your loot and rush into battle, or equip a kit and rush to the nieghbor island, the choice is yours, more minigames such as oitc, build battle, and survival games might be implemented!

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