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About Heartland

Heartland is a semi-vanilla survival server that runs Biome-Bundle 6. BB6 is a little known terrain mod, that has 650+ biomes, so you aren't stuck with basic vanilla terrain, and it has inspired many of our old friends/builders to come out of retirement. The hardest part is figuring out where you want to build, and with a random teleport you can be out in the wild, with no one around, to build to your hearts content.

We don't have and land claims. However, all staff members can do a simple roll back, and return all your belongings if you get griefed. Also, the guilty party will be banned. If you like to live with others but want to keep some things private, we have lockette to allow you to lock chests and doors.

What exactly is Heartland? Heartland is a family television show in Canada that plays on the CBC television network. You do NOT have to watch or know about the show to play on the server. The server is for all people to play on and enjoy. This Heartland server is not an officially made server by the Heartland team or by CBC. The server is fan made, for the enjoyment of Minecraft players that wish to come play together. The owners, staff, moderators, and all other ranks, are in no way affiliated with CBC or the Heartland team.



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