Hermit Heaven
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What is Hermit Heaven?

Hermit Heaven is a 1.12.2 whitelisted, custom terrain, semi-vanilla server. We got our inspiration for the server from the group HermitCraft and so base gameplay around keeping as much as a vanilla feel to the game as possible. We launched just a few days ago but don't be fooled, our experienced team of staff know exactly what they're doing in case problems arise.

What's with the Semi-Vanilla?

We run a few plugins. But don't stress, we've modified our configs as to not take away from the Vanilla feel of the server. These plugins are primarily for our economy and allow players to earn money from Jobs and ChestShops. This is to incite player trading and strengthen the community feel, as players are able to trade with money as well as items.

We also run a few admin plugins in the case of grief or hackers and run Lockette for added security.

Although a lot of players will like the vanilla aspect, we've added the ability to teleport and set a home for players who are not so keen. These commands are purely optional and players do not have to use them. We'll never offer players access to commands such as /fly or /god etc

What makes you different from other servers?

We've run a custom terrain generation plugin on our server that has generateda 200,000x200,000 map full of structures and biomes. The plugin we use allows for over 1000+ randomly generated structures including castle towers and witch villages which adds to the adventure side of the server. There are an endless mix of biomes all with their own set of unique features.



How do I apply?

To apply to the server please reply to the forum post here: https://hermitheaven.enjin.com/forum/m/49835537/viewthread/32135894-welcome-to-hermit-heaven-hermitcraft-inspired-vanilla-server

As I, the owner, am U.K based those who apply in di