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About Hipmix Minigames

Join Hipmix Minigames NOW! | We Have Many Great Minigames To Play

:barber:MINIGAME LIST:barber:
- Bedwars (Extream Beta)
- Creative (Fully Released)
- Skyblock (Fully Released
- Skywars (Extream Beta)
- Towny (lite Beta)

:flag_au:Australia Server:flag_au:
Hosted in :flag_us:America :flag_us:
:tada:Discord Link:tada: - https://discord.gg/86bQbCh
:pick:Minecraft Server IP:pick: - hipmix-factions.us
:musical_score:Apply For Staff On Hipmix:musical_score: - https://goo.gl/forms/fBi3fw7ckI8p1Olf1

🤬Our Rules🤬
Rules for good happy success here at the HipMix Discord Server:

1. :sunglasses: Be cool!
- It's okay to have opinions and to express them plainly, but try to be nice about it... We are all human, please be civil.

2. :no_entry_sign: The following is 100% prohibited:
a - harassment/abuse of other members
b - racist, sexist, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive content
c - links to pirated or otherwise illegal content
d - sharing personal or confidential information about another user
e - spam, self promotion or advertising other communities/services
f - no using @ everyone or here - NO EXCEPTIONS, THIS IS ONLY FOR STAFF PURPOSES

3. :zipper_mouth: Keep your personal disputes PRIVATE.
- no public squabbling, please resolve your issues privately.

4. :octagonal_sign: Do not @ping or direct message [DM] the Minecraft Staff with unsolicited messages.
- they are people, too! please treat them as such! Besides, repeated distraction will only delay the next update.

:scissors: Conduct deemed non compliant with these rules will be removed.

:no_entry: Repeat offenders will be removed from the community.

:incoming_envelope: If you feel as though you've witnessed conduct that violates these rules, please send a direct message to admin



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