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We support versions 1.8-1.11.2! Ever wanted a unique adventure server? Something that's open world, action adventure, and has a great storyline? And be able to play with other players so you can get tips and socialize? Or maybe you want a server that can be easily played with only you online doing a single mission, or along with others, making that mission easier or harder (yes, some are harder with more people). But how is this all possible? We have a plugin where NPCs, not zombies or skeletons, NPCs attack you or help fight along with you. We also have a mp3 player. Say good bye to those note block songs and listen to some REAL music and atmospheric ambiance, such as violins, drums, tubas, and more adding into it! And most of all, enjoy the massive open world of Haven City. Take a look into how much detail we have put into this server. Explore what has happened and who the villian really is and what they plan to do to \"fix\" the city. Everyday the city is being crumbled and torn out by the Krimzon Guards, as well as the Metal Head attacks. There's only one group of people to trust, but is it the right thing to do? Will they fix the city? And most of all, will your dark powers kill you in the end? Or make you a strong fighter?

Well what are you waiting for? If you've read this much then you're probably interested in the server. We need builders to make new areas for more fun missions. Speaking of missions, most people who join think the server won't be fun, but in a few minutes they stay hooked on and play for hours! That's how well we've made our missions with the right difficulty and variety to make sure it doesn't get boring, along with the storyline to back it up of course. Come on now, enough reading and get started on what lies ahead!