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Hello and welcome to KoosheMC. A clean outlook on TNT Factions. We offer a feature packed Fversion of factions with Vaults, Faction Upgrades, And TNT Banks. Envoys are crates that will spawn around spawn region every hour, Vote for some rewards and take advantage of some of our custom plugins.



Envoys are crates that spawn at random locations around spawn, Pay attention to chat to be notified when the next envoy drop will be occuring

/envoy time


We use a Factions fork called \"SavageFactions\" It offers some amazing features above what factions already has to offer, With TNT banks for factions, Faction vaults, Chests, And Flying in faction territory.

/f help

Custom Enchantments

We have an immense amount of custom enchantments for all enchantable items, Visit the enchanter at spawn to get some for yourself. We also have a Tinkerer aswell as a Blacksmith.


Seismic Tools

Seismic tools are diamond shovels and pickaxes with the ability to mine several blocks at once, The level of Seismic on the item defines the radius around the block mined that will also be mined, Purchase a seismic tool in the shop.



In addition to envoys we have personal crates, Vote to recieve a vote crate and recieve other crates as rewards for many things.



There is a 50% chance of a mob or a player to drop their head upon death, These heads are worth some money and can be sold at /head sell. Bounties can be placed on players heads and when that player is killed they will drop a player head sellable for the bounty prize.