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GameModes: FactionPvP - FactionSurvival - Creative - Skyblock

----------------About this Server----------------

LentryCraft is a brand new server, main host in Norway, OSLO. There is other some kind of amplifies all over Europe. That means even if u are from the US u will not have bad ping to this server thanks to SPILLVERT.NO On this server there is alot of activities u can go and try out. We do have Shops, Crates and also Votifier. That means you can vote for the server and you will get ingame REWARDS! These crates works just like LootCrates in other games. It is just random what u can get. there is a chance of Common Items, Legendary Items or EPIC!

But to talk about the gamemodes! Faction PvP is a raiding world, where you get your base up, get some teammates, and team up, and raid others. There is shop avilable so you canbuy stuff for ingame Cash! FactionSurvival is a survival gamemode and u can use eather factions or other protection way on the server. There is just survival. And then it is skyblock and creative that is some side gamemodes, but they are also very fun to play.

------------------------------Staff--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________________________
Owner: LentryPod117
Head_Admin: SoulHeatherGhost
Admin: Jakobsonthve, Olav2345, Joker2345, SandermannHD,
Moderator: Gmss025, J_BizzleMC, Arrilius_Chan,
Builder: LengendaryPunCake,


Essentials - Factions - Lockette - Multiverse series - World Edit - World Guard
PermissionEX - AutoBroadcaster - TreeAssist - Jobs - Vault - Backup



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