Owner rangewonk
Status online
IP Lonksmc.gamename.net
Website http://lonksmc.enjin.com/
Players 1/100
Version 1.12.2
Rank 5
Votes 7267
Uptime 100%
Last Check 23 day(s) ago
Country United States
Types Towny

LonksMC is a New Towny server in the works with a brand new world. Just reset so you and you friends can startup your very own town or join some-one elses.


* Towny


* 35+ Free Ranks

* Jobs

* 25 + Quests

We are always looking for new players, Youtubers and staff!

IP: Lonksmc.gamename.net

Website: www.Lonksmc.enjin.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/F9PSkgM