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Hello minecraft players, I want to present you an innovative server for those who don't play minecraft too much and for those that focus on minigames or such. The server is focused on historical roleplay, set in 300 BC (before jesus christ), with map of Mediterranean and nations like Macedonia or Carthage open for application.

Description of the server: This server has a lot of nations to join, a lot of custom plugins to offer and it's based on historical roleplay (that means playing a character on a part of the Minecraft earth map, but the character NEEDS to be roleplayed like a real person in 300 BC, for example you play as a character that is named Maximus and you live in Sparta, you can become a hoplite (greek soldier) and fight macedonians, you can also talk with other characters through rp chats), we have a forum and 24 slots (we aren't currently expecting tons of people to join). But the idea of the server is preety new, because it was hard to find since the creation of these kind of servers.

Nations open for application on forums: Macedonia, Carthage, Seleucids, Rhodes, Sparta, Syracuse, Crete

Nations that have a leader: Epirus, Pontus, Thrace, Egypt, Rome

Please read rules before you do anything!



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