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Welcome to MCForest! - /fly enabled for everyone! - 17k by 17k world size

★ Join our community server and complete quests with friends, explore the vast terrain, and build with fly mode! ★

Quests ★ Keep Inv ★ 300+ Biomes ★ Custom Items ★ Player Shops ★ Custom Mobs ★ Custom Terrain Gen ★ Friendly Community ★ Land Claim ★ Jobs ★ Unique Features ★ Much More! ✔ |

Versions 1.9. - 1.12. |

Website: |

Join with your friends to explore and build in the vast custom generated survival world. Create a town with friends using, explore to find new biomes, explore and complete numerous quests with your friends to earn loot, and fight through custom-created mobs and enemies! Create your own player shops, and feel free to branch out and create towns and cities for other players to live in!


Have fun!