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An industrialized world with no more time to allow petty deities to play god. Megami's setting is based in a post-medieval era just as industrialization and new technology flooded the globe. Powered railways, new materials, and most of all, a new breed of Bender.

As an era of peace settled over the world, benders of all different types began to move and intercede, resulting in cross-breeds known as Deltas. These Deltas were born with one element, then at adolescence showed an aptitude for the element of their other parent as well. The new generation was met with heavy emotions of all kinds. Some positive, some negative. No matter the stance taken, the choice was staunch.

Mostly, those who opposed the deltas were single element born people, known as Puritans. Whether it was jealousy or a strong belief in old traditions, the Puritans despised the Deltas. Naturally, this sparked dissension among citizens and resulted in a new passing of power. A singular parliament that has a say in all forms of politics among all nations. Although elected through democracy, this new parliament was often caught choosing favorites...

All of these changes lead to the lore and plot you see before you today! Step forth, and be a functioning member of society!

Welcome to Megami!

Or go isolate yourself on someone else's territory.. just don't get killed.

Now including completely custom mobs that are native to each

nation! Each mob has special drops that are used in crafting special

armor that will prove useful to surviving the mobs of the respective nation!

We're also working on implementing raid bosses relatively soon! Bring your friends

to take on these fierce enemies!!!!