MemeKitPvP! Best KitPvP and guns
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And welcome to MemeKitPvP!

\tWe are a renovated server coming back from a 6 month downtime with whole new, custom features that are sure to blow you away! Some of our new things are:

New, custom, balanced gameplay! All kits are well rounded and different, giving each player a equal chance, while being able to use whatever kit they enjoy!

New, reworked custom map with:

New, custom structures.

New, custom secret kits

New feature to make money, whilst on your own!

And much, much more!

The return of MemePacks!

Memepacks are making a new, flashy comeback, with brand new never before seen kits, such as


DJ Khaled

The Zucc

Hey, VSauce, Michael here.

Salamander Man

Snoop Dogg

And much, much more!

New ranks and a fun, intuitive way to rankup and progress throughout your journey to becoming a Meme Overlord!

We have dedicated years to making meme a fun, balanced server to play on, while also having the most custom weapons and kits you can find in all of KitPvP. We use custom plugins to make custom guns with custom sound effects, yet they are easy to use, learn, and master!

Also, a flash sale for the release of the server is going on for the next WEEK!

That’s right, MEMEPacks, (which normally cost $7 for nine) will only be costing $3.50!!! This is a rare occasion that makes getting some fun, and possibly really strong kits easier to acquire. We have a custom system and a custom menu for all of our easy to use GUI.

We will also be hosting staff applications for 2-4 weeks, so if you love the server, feel free to apply! Staff get some benefits in game, but we want to keep our staff on the team to help and care for the server, not just for creative and all kits, so those things are not given to beginning staff members.

\tThanks for reading the info! We hope to see you on. If you need any help, contact any of the staff members in our discord,