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Hey everybody! Since you're on this website, I'm assuming you're looking for a fun new server to play with friends, or even just yourself. I'd like to introduce you to MineSkill.UK. MineSkill is a network that was created for everyone to be able to have a good time. Within this server, there is a variety of games that allow you to have hours upon hours of fun. These include Cops N Robbers, Splatoon, Creative, Economy, and DrawMyThing.

Splatoon is a custom gamemode we have based on the Wii game Splatoon. The objective of this is to use your kit to paint the floors and walls of the map. Using your kit, you can also kill the players on the opposing team. If you walk onto the other team color (either orange or blue), you will walk slower, making you an easier target. Also, there is an option that allows you to turn into a squid and climb up the walls. Whichever team paints the most of the map, wins the game.