Mostly Harmless
  • Minecraft 1.12.2
  • SigmaDan
  • flag United Kingdom

About Mostly Harmless

Welcome to Mostly Harmless,

We are a newly minted Semi Vanilla Survival server with a team that are focused on maintaining the survival aspect of the game.
The aim is to keep the game centred around the survival with any plugins adding to the experience and not detracting or making things to easy.
If you are looking for a well administered, long living server where you can work hard building, surviving and living in a community, this is the place for you. Those looking for lots of shortcuts, daily freebies or custom mechanics should look elsewhere!

The server is not age restricted but we ask that you keep in mind that we hope to have a healthy mix of young and old and not all conversations will be suitable for a much younger audience. We are currently building our staff and player base and hope that you will help us along the way!



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