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Return to Server Page is a Semi-Vanilla survival server with land claim, economy, shops, mobheads and lots more.

Our staff team are mature and sensible experienced Minecraft players with experience of many previous server styles and features, we aim to make your game-play one where you can enjoy yourself while chatting via Discord, so come and join us for some friendly hack free gameplay.

Do you want to play survival in safety from griefing and PVP? You can do so in Narnia, yet also toggle on/off PVP when you do want to have a fight with your friends.

Do you like boss fights? We have multiple boss fights against many different supercharged bosses, Dragons, Elder Guardians, Killer Bunnies... All with some great drops.

Players can obtain mobheads from a selection of over 16000 to decorate their homes, get in game currency by killing mobs, warp to many distant biomes from the comfort of spawn and much much more.

Free 1000 claim blocks for new players so you can easily protect your claim.