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About NetMine

NetMine is a Minecraft Factions server.
We're different from other servers!

No resets!
No ranks! Everyone gets the same permissions.
No overpowered /kits!
Vanilla-like gameplay!
Virtually no moderation or staff! We don't kick or ban anyone.

Join us and become the strongest faction on the server!
Join us on Discord as well.

When you're in chat, remember to be nice to other players. If you are being offensive and/or abusive, you won't be muted but other players may /ignore you.
It's a different story when you're in-game. You're encouraged to grief, raid, and backstab everyone! Do whatever it takes to become the top faction!

Attempts to bypass /ignore constitute an exception to the no-kick and no-ban rule.
Attacks on the server itself (e.g. lag machines) will not be tolerated and also constitute an exception to the no-kick and no-ban rule.

Other than that, there aren't really any rules. Have fun!

Got questions, comments, or concerns?
Send mail to the owner!
/mail send yp8 <your message here>



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