About Oxyrise

Hello Oxyrise Community,
Connect With
✘ IP: Play.Oxyrise.com / Play.Oxyrise.co
✘ Website: https://oxyrise.com
✘ Store: Store.Oxyrise.com
✘ Discord: https://discord.gg/SNX2kEd
General Information
✘ Releasing on Saturday 27th January at 2pm EST
✘ Grace Period will end Saturday 3rd February at 2pm EST
✘ Map will last roughly 5 weeks
✘ Server Version allows 1.7+ Clients
✘ Massive Sale on the Store throughout release
FTop Prizes
✘ Weekly Payouts as Shown Below:
1st Week:
1. 30 PayPal OR 50 Buycraft
2. 30 PayPal OR 50 Buycraft
3. 25 PayPal OR 40 Buycraft
Week 2-5:
1. 55 PayPal OR 75 Buycraft
2. 30 PayPal OR 50 Buycraft
3. 20 PayPal OR 40 Buycraft
Overall Payout:
1. 250 PayPal OR 360 Buycraft
2. 150 PayPal OR 250 Buycraft
3. 100 PayPal OR 200 Buycraft
Screenshot will be taken every Saturday at 2pm EST
Important Release Information
BETA Week World Sizes
✘ Overworld Border: 5k x 5k - Visible Border
✘ Hell Border: 3k x 3k - Visible Border Can place Water
✘ Heaven Border: 3k x 3k - Visible Border
✘ /f top
✘ /f upgrade
✘ /f inspect Inspect blocks chests in your territory to see who broke/placed them
✘ /f coleader
✘ /f access
✘ /f fly Everyone can fly in their own territory
✘ /f pcow
✘ /enchanter
✘ /gen
✘ [item]
✘ /shop
✘ /ah
General Information
✘ Obsidian takes 5 shots of TnT to break
✘ Bedrock takes 500 shots of TnT to break
✘ KoTH takes place every 6 hours
✘ 24/7 Outpost to buy/sell your items for better value
✘ AutoSell / void chests are available to buy which automatically sell your items
✘ CropHoppers allow cactus from a chunk to go directly into the CropHopper
✘ Crafting fishing rods will automatically make your fishing rod into a ranked fishing rod which will grant you special rewards when fishing
✘ XrayEyes allows you to see through blocks within 10 blocks radius
✘ CraftWands allow you to make ingots into blocks and Gunpowder into TNT
✘ The Creeper Zapper allows you to make a regular creeper an enraged creeper for a larger explosion area
✘ Infusion Pickaxes 3x3, 5x5, 7x7, 9x9 and 11x11 are available to purchase from the store
✘ Custom Mob Drops Villager, Enderman Creeper
✘ Water doesnt break or destroy redstone, redstone torches, repeaters or comparators
✘ SellWands allow you to right click a chest to instantly sell everything inside
Many Thanks,
Oxyrise Staff Team



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