Asgard Ascension
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Asgard Ascension; a unique Prison Server based around the realm of Norse Mythology. 

This truly is a unique server, from our rankup challenges, to our tokens. We strive to show and provide a server which you would not see anywhere else. 

We have multiple ranks which you can progress through with in game money, and also donator ranks and perks in our store.

Some key features we have include: 

- Custom Builds; the most premium quality, our builds are of large scale and quantity. They will amaze your eyes easily. 

- Custom Plugins/Features; we ourself have many custom features and some custom coded. They are truly different and a nice addition to your experience here on Asgard. 

- Ragnorak; just one of our many features. Where you must collect loot and rewards from our PvP zone. 

- Unique PvP; OP enchantments. 

- Tokens; token store, where you can spend your hard worked for tokens on abilities and features. 

- Lore; built around Norse mythology. 

- Ranks; 20+ in game ranks which you can purchase for money. 

- Realms; 8+ Donator Realms, with top quality resources. 

- Prestiges; 10, long and hard prestiges. 

And many, many more.