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About EvoBall [Sports in Minecraft]

Welcome to EvoBall!

The worlds best and most advanced sports server on MineCraft to this date!


With three total gamemodes our English Football server is definitely one to check out. 

Play for points in our competitive gamemode to rank up
Play casually to boost your already excellent stats!
Train in our public training grounds to refine your skills ready for those big days on the pitch!

Not to mention our ï»¿EvoBall ï»¿Football Leagues ï»¿where the best of the best take to the pitch every week to try and win the ï»¿EvoBall ï»¿Premier League ï»¿generating some of the best E-Sport atmospheres you can witness!

As well as our ï»¿EvoBall Ultimate Team ï»¿plugin custom coded to allow our players to collect themselves, other players and even some special cards - that can be sold, collected and soon to be battled with!

Creative Plots:

Express your passion for creativity in those times you need a break from our sporting in our ï»¿EvoCity. The best place to be to unleash all of your building juices!

See you on,

-EvoBall Staff Team



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