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About Minepow

## Minepow Servers - play.minepow.com
* Hub play.minepow.com
* SkyFactory2 sf.minepow.com
* Resonant Rise rr.minepow.com
* SkyFactory2.5 sky25.minepow.com
* CrundeeCraft crundee.minepow.com
* C-Team cteam.minepow.com
* Tekkit Legends tekkit.minepow.com
* Unabridged un.minepow.com
* Bevos Tech pack btp.minepow.com
#### Features
* Anti Grief w/ Modded block protection
* Online 24/7
* Frequent Updates & Events
* Market shop is done through a GUI (no more messy shop warps!)
* Family friendly (we use an extremely competent chat filter and our staff team are here to help 24/7)
* Development team constantly working on new updates
* Custom plugins to enhance your gameplay, we are always looking for suggestions!
* Voteshop (use credits earned through voting to buy your favourite items)
* Adminshop that is constantly edited and maintained according to our players' demands
All our servers feature a Survival PvE (Player vs. Environment) experience where we do not take griefing lightly! Keep inventory is enabled in every world and friendly staff members are always willing to help you. All our servers are 24/7 so you can login whenever you feel like it.
We have made it easy to earn money - by using our jobs system, voting, donating or even the lottery! Not to mention the well-managed, balanced economy.
Why not come on down and enjoy the best modpack experience here at Minepow!
* IP: play.minepow.com
* WEBSITE: http://minepow.com
* FORUMS: http://forum.minepow.com/



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