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Hello and welcome to Psycosmic Network
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Welcome to Pyscosmic Craft Network.
Every Month we randomly give away a Free Steam Game 
Come join us on!
We welcome players globally, whether they are builders, redstoners, pvpers or just looking to socialise.
Arrive in our hub and take your pick of a variety of Minecraft experiences, including survival, creative, factions and skyblock.
On survival which is currently on version 1.11.2, we utilise MCMMO for an RPG feel and enabling a smooth progression through the world. We have some quests should you choose to indulge and some handy NPC's lurking around spawn to explore. There is a shopping mall if you decide to become a trader.

Our creative world is plot based and world edit is enabled within them for some handy building tools.
The Skyblock world is for those who fancy the challenge of creating awesome things from almost nothing. Our cobble gen is a little different and should you decide you want to avoid some grind, we have a shop GUI to help you out.
Additionally, we have skywars with a choice of custom built areas to mix things up a bit.
We have full block logging and Claim protection so your builds are protected.
And with our Team members and friendly community, integrated Discord and website you are not alone or far from help.
Currently seeking builders and staff, applications accepted via our website:



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