Realm of Ryneria

About Realm of Ryneria

Welcome to Realm of Ryneria
Where we are dedicated to providing players with a good and enjoyable playing experience

------ Survival ------

---Custom Map---
Enjoy playing on a custom map by sabbas apterus full with custom trees and terrain.
If the custom map is not to your liking you can teleport/swim out to normal terrain

---Grief Protection---
Use Residence to protect your builds from anyone not shared.
Find a tutorial on the forums, or ask staff if you need help

--------Role Play------

1. Do NOT advertise other servers
2. Keep cussing to a minimum
3. Do NOT spam chat with anything
4. Use of mods that help gameplay is prohibited
5. Be respectful to staff and other players

**Survival World Only**
1. Griefing is prohibited
2. PvP is only permitted if both parties agree
3. Please keep the map looking nice

Owner - Zorita
Owner - HunEBadgerZombie
Helper - Frostybobcat6
Helper - PremiumBlack
Dev - marvin82

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
We do not do applications for staff

We have a discord server!
Join us at:



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