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Remember the good old times, when Factions used to be fun? That time when Factions didn’t have OP Enchantments, were balanced, not Pay2Win, with fair kits, and based on survival? Everyone had an underground sugar-cane farm, and not 30 blaze spawners in their base, right? Well, I guess this is your lucky day, because you just found the only Old-Shool Themed Factions Server in the world, RebaCraft.

Personally, I was looking for these type of servers for years, but I couldn’t find any, I got disappointed. But one day, I decided I should make my own.

About RebaCraft:

RebaCraft is a Factions Server, with balanced and fair kits, non Pay2Win. We have an 8000x8000 World Border, old-factions plugin, no /f top, no McMMO, just pure vanilla factions, with balanced economy system, active staff, and a friendly community.

Server Info:

Version: 1.8

Mode: Premium

Currently 50 Slots

Visit our server Today:

We currently accept donations, so we can keep up the server running.

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