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IP play.rivenguard.net
Website http://www.rivenguard.net
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Developed and maintained as an enhanced survival experience, Rivenguard uses features like McMMO, Jobs, and a custom made rank system to simulate a relaxed RPG style of game-play, allowing players to pursue anything from normal survival minecraft, to painting their own art with Artmap. Feeling bored? Stop by the mob arena or challenge a player or bot to a duel. We try and keep the general feel of a survival server while adding in some fun extras. Come drop in today @ play.rivenguard.net


New features:

-5 New pvp arenas for ranked and unranked duels.

-PvP Bot combat for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3

-23 Board games. Multiplayer or single!

-MAGIC!! -wands, broomsticks, magic swords, bows and a spell leveling system!


--Artmap - In game painting. Create, display, and sell your artwork

--Auctions- In game auction house accessible anywhere in game.

--Claims - While staff is there to help, players control their own claims and who has access!

--Community Events-competitions include building, art, redstone, and more to come!

--Crates- Loot from mob drops, voting, and server events.

--Disguises-Unlock the ability to disguise yourself as a mob!

--Discord-Chat in game or mobile with fully integrated discord access @ Rivenguard Discord.

--Enchants- 35 additional custom enchants

--Headdb- Over 13,000 custom heads to use for decorating!

--Homes- Set multiple homes with you and your friends.

--Jobs - Pick a job or 3, level up your job(s) and make more money as you go!

--KeepInventory- If you happen to die, no sweat, you'll keep all your stuff.

--Map- live server map.

--McMMO - Unlock special skills and perks as you play!

--MobArena - Fight waves of mobs for prizes in Rivenguard's custom arenas!

--Playervaults - Like enderchests you can carry! Unlock more room as you rank up!

--PVP - Turned off by default, players can turn this on or come fight in the