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About Second Breakfast - LOTR RP

A fresh Minecraft Role Play realm based on Middle Earth!
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- Massive custom world based on original lore layout.
- Towny run Kingdoms for players or live amongst adventure in the Wilderness.
- Multiple Race and Roles to experience.
- Role kits and perks.
- Quests can be found in Taverns across the lands.
- Orc Camps & Dungeons to conquer.
- Collect sets of lored items, armour & weaponry.
- Custom mob like Necromancers, FellBeasts, Goblins, Bandits and many more!
- Mob drops are a good way to make money fast.
- Downloadable map and in game notifications for easy navigation.
- Trade with other players and sell goods at Smithy Stations & Apothecaries.
- Explore old ruins for Lored items.
- Create a character bio on our forums and recieve 50 McMMO credits.
- Smoke puffweed and other environmental elements
- Custom brews for Inn & Tavern role-play.
- Weighted armour for a more realistic battles.



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