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About SkeetCraft - Soup PvP - SOTW! -

SkeetCraft is a Minecraft server currently support 1.7.x - 1.8.x, We are a Soup PvP server that has many custom features and offerings to our players. We consider SkeetCraft as a non pay to win server as we have alot of different events which could land you in a bucket full of loot. By simply buying a package from our donation store you are supporting our adventure through the minecraft ages. We generally wouldn't accept donations if it weren't for the downfall of our server back in early 2014 "FastFactions" this server was a well made server and is now completely unused and gone to waste. I created this server for a reason, to bring something unique back to minecraft, most pvp servers you see nowadays are either KitPvP or Potion pvp. Soup pvp has been one of my favourite types of pvp for a very long time, I've wanted to create a Soup Server to allow players to revive the soup pvp scene and bring it back to life within minecraft.



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