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Welcome to the sky trade.

You have become involved in the most ruthless, cutthroat business in the galaxy. The Skyline Trading Company (often abbreviated to 'SkyCo') rules this land, and almost none are brave enough to challenge them. What makes you think you have what it takes?

SkyTrade is a unique economy-driven Minecraft server set entirely in the sky. The setting is a chain of floating islands and starships located high in the atmosphere of an ocean planet. The islands are full of man-eating monsters and the waters below are teeming with deadly creatures; falling means certain death. The Skyline Trading Corporation has set up an outpost here in an attempt to mine the vast amounts of usable minerals that the islands hold. So far, they have been successful in driving out all competition; however, there is always room for new challengers. The islands are deadly, and the mining fields are (almost) entirely lawless; do you think you can survive?

The server's gameplay is mostly classic skyblock, along with two resource worlds, factions, and a heavy focus on the server economy. It is definitely still in development, but I wanted to launch it now so that I can start getting player feedback. Most of the initial configuration is done, so progress should proceed fairly quickly, and I will be providing updates whenever a new feature is fully implemented. Please pardon the mess for now!