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--=====Slice Survival=====--
Slice Survival takes survival in a new, exciting, and enthralling direction!

Quest through vast archipelagos of floating islands, taking leaps of fate and making risky bridges across the endless void beneath you! Using a beautiful custom land generator, we can engineer an experience that’s guaranteed to keep you on your toes at all times!
You can play worry free with our implementation of land claim, meaning that no one can ever touch your precious things without permission. The strict anti-griefing policy ensures you will never be scared of anything but a fall!
Enjoy quality time with your companions, feeling free to sit back, relax, and kick it to the in-game music. Our tight-knit community-driven model creates an atmosphere where you will know everyone by name, and they’ll know likewise. The loyal and mature staff have been hand-picked for their ability to handle a community such as this, so no need to fret over who’s in charge!
So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and fly with us here at Slice Survival!



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