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About Tericlya

**Hermitcraft Like Server**

Join our survival server with a hint of magic! We are hoping to make your mundane Minecraft experience a little more spicy. We are a bunch of friends who play Minecraft and who are looking to expand our small community by allowing you fine souls to join our world 🙂

Rules are simple, you may not steal. However, you may borrow. For example, someone has a nice farm with crops that are of interest to you ? Sure go for it, just don’t forget to replant 🙂

You may not destroy other people’s builds in the goal of griefing or damaging it permanently without approval.

Simple huh ? Think this is for you ? Apply now to the whitelist and let fate decide the rest !

Discord: https://discord.gg/S47urrr

We also have our very own DynamicMap! You can interact with players online directly from the map!

Dynamic Map: https://map.tericlya.com

The server is 5 days old ! Come and build your city now!

You also have an abundance of in-game commands available to help you.

Current server competition:

Build the nicest ship, no size restrictions. Reward: ship gets featured in spawn, gets used for future treasure hunts and user gets awesome loot reward 🙂

End date 17feb 12:00 gmt+1

Many more will follow !

Server IP: play.tericlya.com



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