The Federation
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The Way The Server Works: The Federation is the first faction to ever establish themselves on the server, which is also the reason the server is called The Federation. The Federation has dictation over every other faction on the server, as if owned like a dictatorship. You can picture members and officers of The Federation like staff of the server. However they will not have access to Staff Commands. All other factions are equal to each other, while The Federation lies on top of the pyramid. We will still take part in Faction wars, but don't think of this as an opportunity for The Federation to completely destroy other factions. We are just showing that we built this \"Minecraft World\". We were here first, and we are marking our territory by doing this. In summary, The Federation has no \"advantage\" over other factions, but we have dictation over certain things that will be made clearer as the server continues on.

Ranks: The server will still have normal staff ranks, as it grows, however the server has an Owner which is me, just as any server has an owner. I have absolutely no correlation to the Ranks of Factions. Think of Staff as it's own faction that does not establish itself with territory. Staff will only look out for rule breakers, and enforce server rules. The Federation can be seen as the \"Top Dog\" in terms of Factions. Staff will not favor The Federation over other factions in terms of \"he said, she said\" rule breaking situations, but exceptions may occur in certain situations based off of trustworthiness. In Summary, as an example Sgt. Kernal (drake335) is The Leader of The Federation, and I am a member of The Federation, but I am also The Server Owner (think of me as the leader of The Staff Faction). In terms of Rule Violations, I have command over Sgt. Kernal, but in terms of any other concern regarding Minecraft, or The Federation, Sgt. Kernal has command over myself

Plugins: The server currently has the following plugins installed: