The Forgotten Realm
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About The Forgotten Realm

Hello Survivors!

I'd like to welcome you to The Forgotten Realm! Here we're not like every other server you see. Since the beginning, we have strived to be something totally different! Our staff is amazing and our player base is growing! We all would love to see this server become something great one day! We have a handmade spawn done by our own Architects. So excited to see you on here!

We are a growing community that focuses on the basic purpose of Minecraft: survival! The server backbone includes the plugin Towny and the plugin Jobs. Everything revolves around money and how fast you can make it! You have to do your job to make money to keep your town alive!

We have other plugins such as:
and More!

Our server offers donater ranks to those who wish to support the upkeep of the server. These include Squire, Lord, Knight, and King, with each one getting benefits like extra /sethomes and access to non-game altering commands like /hat, /ptime, and /pweather. Donators also gain access to the SilkSpawner plugin.

Right now, our server has just gained a new spawn custom created by one of our own Architects! We're looking to expand our builds and our playerbase and we hope that you would want to come and join us!


The Forgotten Realm Owner,



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